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Крапля в океані
Запустился классный англоязычный сайт о Майдане для международной аудитории: ImADropInTheOcean.com.

Давайте поможем в его продвижении. У большинства из нас есть знакомые заграницей, с которыми мы дружим в Facebook и особенно часто в LinkedIn. Вчера вечером я отправил 50 людям из первого круга в LinkedIn письмо с просьбой о помощи для Украины (лучше отправлять по электронной почте, а не через сообщения LinkedIn). Ниже текст письма на английском. Можете скопировать и разослать своим друзьям. Послание вышло довольно длинным, возможно, найдете, как сократить и поправите ошибки. Или напишите свое сообщение. Но не откладывайте надолого — расскажите, что у нас происходит. Большинство адресатов просто прочтут и ничего не сделают, но, может, именно кто-то из ваших зарубежных друзей сможет поднять волну в своей стране.

Уже есть пара ответов от моих знакомых, которые опубликую в следующей записе.

Просматривая контакты в LinkedIn, понял, что есть еще несколько международных аудиторий, которые мы можем проинформировать и попросить распространить информацию, но обращаться к ним надо с другим посылом:

  • Люди, уехавшие из Украины;
  • Экспаты в Украине;
  • Россияне.

Итак, текст письма (ссылки в письме станут кликабельными, не забудьте подпись поменять):

Subject: SOS. Call for help from Ukraine.

Hello, my international friends and colleagues. With some of you we have connected at LinkedIn so long ago that we could barely remember each other =)

I beg for several minutes of your time to read this letter till the end. Right now in Ukraine people are been murdered, kidnapped, tortured and thrown into jails for their fight for freedom and human rights. Your help and attention can prevent further escalation of the conflict and save lives.

I would like to tell you a couple of words about Revolution in Ukraine and ask for your help. The site for international audience http://www.ImADropInTheOcean.com was recently launched where you can find more info and ways to help in our cause. At least this letter can inform you about the situation and you will be aware what is going on in UA.

The Euromaidan protests began on the 21th of November 2013. People demanded to sign trade agreement with EU and start closer integration with EU. It was president’s Yanukovych agenda during the past year but he had changed his mind to the opposite one week before the signature. After brutal crackdown of not numerous student protesters in the night on the 30th of November near 500K people attended antigovernment demonstration in capital city Kyiv on the 1st of December. On that day the central square and several public buildings were occupied by protesters. The authorities answered with repressions against activists all over the country. An eye-opener for the nation became wide cooperation between authorities and criminals. Criminals beat activists, kidnapped and tortured people, attacked demonstrations, burned cars, damaged public and private property. Criminals are protected and commanded by police!

Ukrainian protest was peaceful until the 19th of January 2014 when clashes with police began. The riots spread from capital to the regions. Only after the first blood president started negotiations with the protesters. As of today at least 7 people are killed by police, 20+ are missing, several hundred people are in jails, up to 1000 injured.

Since the beginning protests transformed from pro-EU demonstration into Revolution for freedom, dignity, justice. People fight for a new public agreement between society and authorities and completely New State. People are determined to stand till the victory and even die for freedom. So the resignation of the president, government and parliament would be only the first step of total reboot of the country. The complicated situation could be described in short: «People are fighting against bandits».

Maidan, central part of Kyiv, occupied by protesters, became a unique parallel self-organized state. There were never in the history of Ukraine so many volunteers and such level of help and support among people. No matter what happens next Ukraine and it’s people are changed. For the first time since Independence from Soviet Union in 1991 we are proud to be Ukrainians and proud of Ukraine.

Watch 3 videos on the website http://www.ImADropInTheOcean.com to grasp emotional atmosphere of the Revolution.

You really can help us a lot. The pressure of international community is important because government officials in Ukraine are very corrupted. They are multimillionaires who own properties in developed countries and have accounts in foreign banks. So the major call for help to EU and the US: please start anti money laundering investigations against Ukrainian officials and major oligarchs, who support governing party, frozen their accounts, close borders for crossing. All these people plan to move eventually to Europe and developed countries, so sanctions will really press them to seek the solution of the conflict.

Friends and colleagues, what you can do personally:
1.Increase international awareness about Revolution in Ukraine.
• Forward this letter to your friends.
• Share link to the website http://www.ImADropInTheOcean.com/ in social media.
• Write a post in social media about Revolution in Ukraine.
• Ask celebrity to tweet and/or record a video of support.
• Join Euromaidan demonstration in your city — they are hold by Ukrainian diaspora all over the world.
• Etc.
2.Push your government to implement sanctions against Ukrainian top officials (awareness in your country also urges authorities to take a stance).
• Write and/or sign a petition.
• Write a letter to authorities in your country.
3.Donate money at http://www.ImADropInTheOcean.com for Euromaidan needs and for international information campaign.
4.Write a personal letter of support to somebody you know in Ukraine. Such psychological support is much more important than it could seem.

We are very grateful to people and governments of Lithuania and Poland for their consistent support and help. The US and Canada also started to implement sanctions. But EU is making a lot of empty statements and does nothing. The situation is well illustrated by cartoon from New York Times: http://maxon.tumblr.com/post/76431528002. Your activity can encourage eurocrats to make some real steps. It could be just one drop but the ocean consists of drops.

Thank you for your precious time and attention. If you have any question about situation in Ukraine I would be happy to answer.

Additional info about Ukrainian Revolution in English:
http://zyalt.livejournal.com/986689.html — life of Maidan republic, vivid photos and report from popular Russian blogger
http://zyalt.livejournal.com/984735.html — clashes with police, vivid photos and report
http://yanukovich.info/ — schemes of money laundering by president Yanukovych and his comrades
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euromaidan — complete chronicle of events in Wikipedia articles

Слава Україні! Героям слава! (Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!)

Name Surname, Ukrainian, your first connection at LinkedIn
(This letter is sent to email indicated in your Linkedin profile. I’ve tried to use personal email when possible.)

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