Words of support from Europe

Пара знакомых в ответ на мое вчерашнее письмо о ситуации в Украине прислали слова поддержки и разрешили процитировать их письма.

Nancy, Romania, living in Germany:

We are following the events in Ukraine and are very sad for what we see… Your email is a great way to help your beautiful country! I fully understand the situation and we really hope you all will succeed! It would be great example for other countries too… (like Romania, where we have the same big issues and nothing happens)… I will also do the actions you mention below, and will make a donation.

All the best! And please keep your friends posted on the progress!! I have all the faith that young people will succeed!! STAY STRONG & FIGHT HARD!

Krzysztof, Poland:

From November to the first part of January I was several times in Kiev, and it happen that exactly in the days that were important for Majdan. I spent some time on Majdan and I was impressed this level of solidarity, atmosphere and organization. Really, it made big smile on my face to see it, and my heart bit faster that there are such kind of people. You know that during past years I felt in love with Ukraine and Ukrainian society. In Ukraine I can still meet People (writing with big P). It’s a big treasure that they think deeply about human being and friendship more than about earning money.

With my friends we set up web page vote4ukraine.org and try to do something actively in Poland.

I will send Your email to all my contacts.

I keep my fingers crossed for Majdan’s revolution and believe that all ends good for Ukraine!

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

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