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Коворкинг Hubud в городе Убуд на острове Бали. Фото: Dreyacosta.com.

Статья The Rise of a New Creative Class знакомит с работами лондонского психолога Грэга Мэдисона (Greg Madison), исследующего понятие «экзистенциальной миграции», когда люди уезжают в другие страны или постоянно путешествуют ради полной реализации своего потенциала, которого они не могут достигнуть на родине:

Travelers of this tribe are existential junkies. Madsen says you will recognize us because we are always chasing the high of self-actualization, using travel, temporary residency, and the curiously intoxicating feeling of being perpetually different as a way of exploring who we really are. We know ourselves only in contrast to the cultures and customs that host us. Having rejected the restrictiveness of patriotism and the conventionality of our countries of origin, (it seems we only experience culture shock when we go home) we are drawn to temporary social groups that form around values like tolerance, respect, and experimentation, rather than color or creed.

Очень точно выражает мое состояние в путешествии.

Также в статье речь о «кочевниках знаний» — knowmads. Определение с сайта книги Knowmad Society:

Knowmads are nomadic knowledge workers –creative, imaginative, and innovative people who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere. The jobs associated with 21st century knowledge and innovation workers have become much less specific concerning task and place, but require more value-generatide applications of what they know. The office as we know it is gone. Schools and other learning spaces will follow next.

Новые грани «цифрового кочевничества».

Хотите об этом поговорить?